Enriching the Canadian Multicultural Tapestry.

Over 23 years of cultural exchange through art and music.

The Centre’s vision is to create and strengthen bonds of understanding between different cultural groups in Montréal and abroad. MCCCA aims to achieve this through the production and promotion of Chinese cultural art shows. 

Founded in Montréal on August 11, 1996, MCCCA is the first and largest local organization of its kind and one of the largest in North America. It is composed of a sizeable body of enthusiastic and talented members that devote themselves to the Centre’s mission.


A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION – we are a non-political entity focusing entirely on youth development, community engagement and cultural exchange through the arts. MCCCA hosts annual galas aimed at promoting Chinese music, costume and dance from all corners of the country.  

Dr. Min Zhao

Founder and Chairman of MCCCA

Our Story

Founded in Montréal on August 11, 1996, MCCCA is the first and largest local organization of its kind and one of the largest in North America.

Along lines of art forms, the organization branches out to six divisions, namely, the Folk Dance Troop, the Folk Music Instrumental Ensemble, the Waist Drum Troop, the Singers Group, the Lion Dance Group, and the Chorus.

Through years of untiring efforts, the Centre has accumulated a large repertoire of Chinese and other Oriental performing items. It now boasts over a resplendent array of stage costumes, a sufficient collection of stage articles, musical instruments, sound devices and other equipment, to meet the needs of all its performing situations and activities.

Ever since its foundation, the Centre has kept receiving invitations from various social and cultural sectors. It has staged hundreds of impressive presentations to the Chinese and the larger Canadian communities in and around Montreal, and in many other cities of Eastern Canada and US, on important social, cultural and other festive occasions. These include independent large-scale MCCCA stagings and participation in activities sponsored by other organizations.

The Centre’s brilliant performances and other cultural and artistic activities have drawn countless enthusiastic reports in local Chinese newspapers. Some of these shows were also aired on public English and French TV stations. In its history, the Centre has established a prestige for its characteristic performing style, devotion of membership, and collective effort. It promises to continue making contributions to the Canadian multiculturalism.

What We Do

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Produce Cultural Shows

MCCCA has performed hundreds of shows in Montreal including venues at Place des Arts, La Ronde, JFL and abroad.
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Cultural Exchange Workshops

Through its performances and workshops, MCCCA achieves its mission to promote cultural understanding and appreciation within the city, province and country.
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Youth Engagement

Our dancers perform as volunteers and receive the training required for the show but also valuable life skills through guidance from MCCCA teachers and mentors.
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Community Testimonial

MCCCA performed at our high school and educating the children on the value of understanding our own and other cultures. Their performance was serene yet entertaining. We would welcome back MCCCA to our school at any time.

Helen Fuller

School Principal, Montreal

MCCCA has played an instrumental role in preserving Chinese culture through community engagement using music, costume, art and dance. Hundreds of dancers like me have been trained by the non-profit and have benefited on personal and professional levels.

Carol V.

Current Dance Troop Leader









Notable Performances and Recognition


These are the Leaders Building and Bridging our Communities

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